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My step-by-step system to 10x your organic search traffic through strategic SEO-friendly content development.

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Have you ever wondered why you're not seeing more organic traffic to your website? Are you regularly creating content but just not seeing the traffic results? Or having an issue with your content being discovered by search engines?

You might be asking yourself questions like...

  • How can I get more visitors to my content?
  • What keywords is my target audience searching?
  • How can I drive more quality sales and leads?
  • How can I get my content to rank better in organic search?
  • How can I drive more organic traffic to my site?

It's hard work building a website, creating content and growing an online business but even more frustrating if you don't see the results!

If you are looking to grow your online audience (the RIGHT audience), then I have a solution for you...

Content That Drives Traffic is my proven step-by-step system to plan and execute an SEO-driven content strategy to drive more of the right traffic to your website.

Sound pretty good right?

This course will teach you how to...

✔ Effectively research what you're audience is interested in so you can create content you know people are searching for (no more content creation for terms with zero search volume).

How to plan your content topics with SEO-in-mind and create SEO-friendly content that you know will rank well (create content modeled after top-ranking sites and make sure it's optimized for SEO).

✔ How to make sure your content is discovered by search engines and users (maximize your on-site SEO improvements to send quality signals to your content).

✔ How to promote your content and create a link building campaign to get those valuable off-site SEO signals (improve the authority of your content or website and gain that competitive ranking edge in search results).

In my SEO consultancy, I've had so many clients come to me that are creating content regularly but not seeing the traffic results.

Content That Drives Traffic is the system that I developed by working repeatedly with editorial teams, content creators, business owners and digital marketers to drive more organic search traffic.

I've used this EXACT process to achieve long-term, sustainable organic traffic growth for websites of all sizes and brands of different niches and 10x, 20x organic search traffic growth.

And now, I’m bringing this strategy to you.

Content That Drives Traffic is a replicable system that anyone and any brand can use and benefit from – how cool is that?! It doesn’t matter your niche or your target audience, you’ll be able to find out...

How to prioritize keyword topics...

What keywords have more value from an SEO-perspective and more search volume in your specific niche? What's the difference between a head term and long-tail search terms? Which ones should you target to grow organic traffic?

How your audience searches...

Is your audience looking for Ironman the movie or an Ironman triathlon? What about running shoes or the best running shoes or Nike running shoes? And what's the difference? (Hint, there's a big difference!)

What kind of content to create...

Are they looking for a detailed how-to guide or a product review? Or what about localized content versus general information, tips or tricks? Or do videos or long-form articles work best for that topic?

And how to get them to see it...

Are search engines discovering your content and is it ranking well? How do you get others to link and share your content? Do you have an on-site and off-site SEO framework in place?

Content That Drives Traffic is more than just an "SEO for copywriters" course - it's a system on how to effectively plan and execute an SEO-driven content strategy from A to Z to get MORE of the RIGHT traffic to your website.

"Wow. What incredible, easy to follow, SEO information - even for a newbie! Though Kristan is a pro in this field, she communicates throughout this course using language I could easily follow and understand. Anybody looking for an amazing, comprehensive SEO course - look no further."

- Emma Smith, Founder & Blogger at theothershift.com

"Kristan provided exceptional insight into how we could update our site in easy, achievable ways. Better still, she helped identify areas where we could achieve quick as well as sustained growth."

- Romana King, Real estate expert, author & speaker


Learn from a trusted industry expert...

Meet your instructor...

Kristan BauerHi, I'm Kristan!

I'm an SEO expert, consultant and trainer with almost a decade of SEO experience. I've worked for brands of all sizes - from local businesses to some of the biggest brands in the world. I’ve helped brands grow their organic audience by millions of visitors, including...

Leading an online real estate portal to grow their organic visitors by over 1.2 billion new visits a year with tactical onsite SEO improvements

Guiding an international adventure brand to consistently achieve over +100% year-over-year growth with brand promotional campaigns

Helping an parenting e-commerce website grow their organic traffic by over +1,300% year-over-year with strategic content development

Now, I want to take all that experience and help you grow your online presence for your business, blog or simply learn new marketing skills!

By enrolling in Content That Drives Traffic, you'll become an integral part of my SEO community and get exclusive access to some of my most valuable SEO advice.

With Content That Drives Traffic, my goal is to guide you through a tried-and-true SEO traffic process using strategic and SEO-friendly content development.

"Kristan is a phenomenal communicator, a collaborative partner, and a treasure trove of SEO knowledge! From tooling to training, Kristan’s recommendations were immediate, thoughtful, and best of all – actionable. I honestly could not recommend Kristan more highly!

- Bobbi Steward, VP of digital mrketing at a growing tech company

What's included in the course?

Content That Drives Traffic is a 12-module online course with 4 helpful, actionable bonuses. Plus quizzes at the end of every module to help you retain all this great information.

You can login 24/7 (it's all digital and downloadable). And you'll have lifetime access so you can come back to the course anytime, anywhere... day or night!

12 step-by-step SEO-content training modules (plus quizzes)
Bonus #1 Guide to my favorite SEO tools and resources
Bonus #2 Content planning worksheet and checklist
Bonus #3 Local business SEO best practices
Bonus #4 Link building strategy and workbook
30-day money back guarantee
Lifetime access

Bonus #1 SEO Tools Guide

A detailed outline and guide to my favorite SEO tools for content research, development and link building for you to use in your SEO practice. This includes an overview for general SEO and WordPress tools for more than just keyword research.

Bonus #2 Content Workbook & Checklist

A step-by-step worksheet to record and plan your SEO content research, notes and information as you follow along through the course. Also, includes 16-point SEO content checklist for creating SEO-friendly content.

Bonus #3 Local Business SEO Best Practices

A useful overview of local SEO best practices and how they apply to ANY local businesses so that you can implement yourself. This is my proprietary local SEO best practices to make sure your business is visible not only in the map pack but also local search results.

Bonus #4 Link Building Workbook

A customizable link building strategy and workbook to research and record specific link building opportunities for your brand or website - all guided by my recommended tactics and execution plan for any link building campaign.

30-day Money Back Guarantee

If you are looking to 10x your organic search traffic with strategic content development and SEO, we are confident this is the course for you. However, in the event you are unhappy with the course, we offer a no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee

Lifetime Access

How does lifetime access sound? Once you enroll in Content That Drives Traffic, you become an integral part of our SEO community and will have lifetime access to the course (as long as there is still internet!) with any future updates. Access 24/7, from any device, day or night.

"Kristan is a fantastic thought partner, consultant, and educator. She is capable of training marketers, engineers, product managers and more in SEO, from fundamentals to complex decision making."

-Carine Carmy, VP of sales & marketing at a healthcare start-up


12 step-by-step modules that follow a strategic SEO process designed to grow organic search traffic

Here's what you'll be learning in each module...

In each course module, you'll be gaining valuable SEO knowledge and skills while following my strategic SEO process for creating content to drive organic search traffic.

Module #1: Introduction to SEO and how content fits into the big picture

Learn how organic search works and the fundamentals of SEO. In this module, we'll dive into the SEO process (how search engines crawl, index and rank a website), important algorithm updates and how content fits into the big picture of SEO.

Module #2: Understanding searcher behavior and how to perform keyword research

Learn how people search and how to understand searcher behavior for your specific industry. This module will dive into how to evaluate keyword ranking and current content assets. We'll also cover how to perform keyword research, categorize topics and evaluate search potential.

Module #3: How to use SEO tools for keyword and content research

We'll cover how to use my favorite tools for keyword research and content development. In this module, you'll learn how to use tools for competitive comparison, backlinks and new content opportunities.

Module #4: How to brainstorm effective content topics (based on your keyword research)

Module 4 is all about how to use your keyword research to outline new content topics. We'll cover how to find content topics from competitors, Google search and gap analysis exercises. You'll also learn other effective ways to brainstorm new content topics with niche tools and forums.

Module #5: Understanding different content types and how they can support your goals

Learn about the different types of content and how they can support different goals for your business. We'll cover different content mediums (such as videos, guides, articles, UGC) and how to determine which type of content is right for your topic to rank well.

Module #6: Creating and executing on an SEO-driven editorial calendar

Learn how to take all your SEO and content research and create an SEO-driven editorial calendar. This module will cover how to plan your content initiatives, stay organized and on-track to prioritize key topics.

Module #7: How to write SEO-friendly content and SEO best practices (part 1)

Learn how to create an SEO-friendly piece of content. This module will cover fundamental SEO elements to optimize and best practices, including URL structure, title tag, meta descriptions, headlines and images. You'll also learn how to improve click-through-rate (CTRs) from search results.

Module #8: How to write SEO-friendly content and SEO best practices (part 2)

Module 8 is a continuation on how to create an SEO-friendly piece of content. In this module, you'll learn how to understand keyword density and optimize web copy. You'll learn how to maximize internal linking and how to optimize for Google's "instant answer." We'll also cover important user experience items including readability and content flow.

Module #9: Maximizing the WordPress CMS for SEO

Learn how to navigate WordPress to maximize SEO. We'll cover how to use the Yoast SEO Plugin (my favorite!) as well as how to manage your media files and assets. You'll also learn some basic usability tips with site structure, linking, category tagging and more.

Module #10: How to make your content discoverable to search engines and users

Learn how to make sure search engines see your content, index and rank it well. This module will cover how to use internal links to boost your content, how to create a clear site architecture and navigation, and how to create crawl networks (such as XML and HTML sitemaps) for content discoverability. We'll also cover using social meta markup for optimal social sharing.

Module #11: How to promote your content and drive backlinks (creating an effective link building campaign)

Learn why backlinks are important and how to launch a "white hat" link building campaign. We'll review how to brainstorm link building opportunities unique to your website and how to effectively outreach to other websites. We'll also cover how to use SEO-friendly content syndication practices to promote your content.

Module #12: How to evaluate your SEO and content success with analytics

Learn how to evaluate SEO and content success with main SEO key performance indicators. We'll also cover some basic usability tips for analytics to measure success and find new SEO opportunities.

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"Kristan is my go-to professional when it comes to SEO strategy and tactics. I first met her when I was still at Google. Kristan's knowledge, perspective, and professionalism stood out. She became a critical element of our SEO team."

- Laura Borghesi, Digital marketing expert for SaaS companies


Do you want MORE traffic and visitors to your website? What about the RIGHT kind of traffic and visitors?

Who is this course for?

Content That Drives Traffic can help anyone with a website, brand or business achieve more organic search traffic through strategic, SEO content creation. This course can specifically help:

  • A business or website owner looking to expand your audience and increase your organic search traffic, whether you have a local business, blog or an e-commerce site
  • A content creator, blogger or editor looking to make an impact with the content you create, whether it's for your own website or someone else's.
  • A digital marketer, content strategist or copywriter looking to add SEO training to your arsenal to provide more value to your clients or team.
  • Someone building a new brand or website and wants to create an SEO strategy before launching to start off growing organic traffic right away.

Importantly, this course is for someone who is ready to put in the time learning and creating SEO-friendly content. SEO is a long-term play and requires persistent action.

Who this course is not for?

Content That Drives Traffic requires a commitment to plan, research and execute an SEO strategy and is not for everyone... This course may not be for:

  • Someone who doesn't want to put in the time and effort or have the patience to allow SEO to work.
  • Someone who is already experienced in SEO and understands how to do the research and planning on their own.
  • Someone who doesn't have the resources (either time themselves or through their team) to actively create content and promote engagement.
  • Someone who doesn't see the value in driving 10x organic search traffic to their website (and yes, I know people like this!)

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Have more questions about Content That Drives Traffic? Email us at info@kristanbauer.com and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Are you ready to grow your online audience and organic search traffic?

You have a choice...

Either continue to struggle with your SEO and keep wasting time on hit-or-miss content creation efforts that don't really drive any traffic.

You might be seeing some success here and there, but nothing sustainable or long-term for your business. You might be creating content that doesn't even have any visitors or do anything to support your main business objectives.

Or you can enroll in Content That Drives Traffic to learn how to plan, create and execute an SEO-driven content strategy to grow your organic traffic to the right people.

With Content That Drives Traffic, you'll be able to grow organic traffic the first time around to effectively reach your target audience via organic search. You'll be able to create content to support your business objectives that successfully drive organic search traffic and visits. Sound pretty good, right?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.